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Classic photography in a disposable world

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The collection... part of it...

This is almost all of the collection, there has been a few more added since I took this picture.


Collection of vintage classic cameras


Where do we start...

Agfa Super Isolette, Balda Super Baldalux, Holga, Leica M6TTL, Agfa Selectronic S, Fuji GF670, Mamiya 6, Canon Canonet, Rollei 35SE, Yashica MG-1, Polaroid 110A, Bronica EC, Graflex Speed Graphic, Certo 6, Olympus Pen EE, Rolleiflex F, Zorki 4, Leica M6, 2x Yashica Mat 124G's, Start TLR, 2x Yashica CC's, Zeis Super Ikonta, Vivitar Super Wide and a Polaroid 1200i Spectra. Since this shot was taken there has been quite a few other additions.




Leica M2

This is a de-chromed Leica M2 that was painted by Shintaro Yaginuma. Although it's not the identical paint Leica used on it's Black Paint 1950/60's cameras it's pretty dam close.



Shintaro Black Paint Leica M2


Shintaro Black Paint Leica M2


Shintaro Black Paint Leica M2





Hello world!

Eventually I'll post pictures and uselful information about all the different cameras I use and link to user manuals.

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